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6 Ways to Tell Real Pearls from Imitation

6 Ways to Tell Real Pearls from Imitation

We hope this finds you sparkling!

Today, we're sharing six ways to tell imitation pearls from natural.

1. The Tooth or Rub Test

Gently rub the pearl against your front teeth, or just rub the pearls against each other. Real pearls feel slightly gritty or textured, while imitation pearls feel smooth.

Pearls Tooth Test


2. Luster and Shine

Real pearls have a unique lustre that emanates from within, giving them a deep, radiant glow. In contrast, imitation pearls often have a surface shine that can look more "shiny" than "glowy". 

Pearls Luster and Shine Test


3. Temperature

Real pearls feel cool to the touch and warm up slowly in your hand. Imitations, especially if made of glass or plastic, will quickly adapt to your body temperature.

Pearls temperature test


4. Imperfections

Real pearls will often have slight variations or imperfections in shape, texture, and colour – a consequence of their natural origins. Imitations are usually uniformly perfect.

 Pearls imperfections test

5. Pearls Weight

Real pearls have a certain heft, making them feel heavier than they appear. Imitations, especially plastic ones, feel lighter.

Pearls weight test


6. The Drilled Hole Test

Real pearls have neater drill holes. If you look closely, the plastic or glass cores of plastic of glass imitation pearls are visible.

Genuine pearl drill holeImitation Pearl drill hole
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