Mother-Daughter Bracelets

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Mother and Daughter Bracelets

For the mum who’s your best friend or the daughter, you couldn’t live without our beautiful mother-daughter bracelets, symbolising your unique connection. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day, a milestone birthday, a graduation, or simply just because our stunning bracelets are made from semi-precious metals and gemstones to last a lifetime. Adorned with special pearls in precious gold and silver and customised uniquely to you, at Gaamaa, we create wonderful mum-and-daughter bracelets to cherish forever.

Celebrate the Bond Between Mother and Daughter

There’s no one like you, mum. You were there for my first steps, for my first heartbreak, for my first words, and to pick me up from my first failures. A mum and daughter bond is one of the most powerful relationships on the planet.

And a love like hers deserves to be celebrated with a special gift that suits her perfectly. That’s what inspires us at Gaamaa to create elegant, beautiful bracelets for mum and daughter to cherish and enjoy as much as they do the time spent together.

Each mother-daughter bracelet is a subtle, elegant reminder of each other. Made from sparkling gemstones and precious metals, each bracelet is as beautiful and as unique as you. Customise your mother-daughter bracelets with both of your initials, decorate them with your gorgeous birthstones as a reminder of the month your mum became a mum, and choose gold or silver as she loves.

Why Choose Our Mother and Daughter Bracelets?

At Gaamaa, the power of gift-giving inspires us, and there’s no one we’d rather celebrate than mum.

That’s why we’ve created a unique collection of mother-daughter bracelets to encapsulate our love for our relationship with our mum and how much she means to us. Choose from our range, where beautiful large pearls and stones nestle next to their smaller counterparts to signify a mother and a child. Alternatively, choose stunning matching bracelets for you both to wear, no matter how many miles are between you.

Explore Our Collection

Whether your mum loves pearls or whether your daughter always chooses sparkling Swarovski, there’s a stunning design that suits her at Gaamaa. Explore our collection of wonderful jewellery perfect for gift-giving, celebrating, or simply saying “I love you”.


Our mother-daughter bracelets are carefully designed and crafted by our artisan team in our workshop in the Southeast of England. They are made from gold, sterling silver, pearl, and gemstones.

Each of our mother-daughter bracelets is fully customisable. You can add your mum’s birthstone to any design nestled alongside yours. Alternatively, for our pearl bracelets, you can add an engraved disc charm with your names and initials to make something unique for your mum.

A special matching bracelet for mum and daughter could be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or a milestone birthday. Alternatively, you could buy a mother-daughter gift for your daughter on her wedding day, graduation ceremony, or any other special occasion you can think of.