Slider Bracelets

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Slider Bracelets

Uniquely designed slider bracelets are a stunning stand-alone piece every woman needs in her jewellery collection. Chic and contemporary, a slider bracelet is a modern twist on a traditional clasp, making the clasp itself a feature of the design for an elegant, beautiful look.

An added advantage is that the slider bracelets adjust to most wrist sizes, whether smaller or larger, and are easy to put on — there’s no need to fiddle with little clasps or ask for help.

Adorned with natural pearls, sparkling gemstones, unique engravings, and special charms, our range of slider bracelets suits every woman. Designed to be stacked as part of daily jewellery wear or as a uniquely eye-catching stand-alone piece, a slide bracelet is a beautiful twist on a traditional bracelet.

Discover the Versatility of Slider Bracelets

A slider bracelet is a contemporary take on a bracelet clasp. Born in the Victorian era, a slider is a clever way of attaching two chains together and customising the size of the bracelet to the wearer.

The clasp works by uniting two chains or pieces of bracelet rope in the slider. The slider clasp can be closed tightly easily and keeps the length in place securely. To remove the bracelet, the slider is simply moved open, widening the bracelet carefully.

In our unique gold and silver slider bracelet designs, the long chains of the slider are turned into beautiful parts of the decoration, making elegant drop pieces tinkle as you move.

Why Choose Slider Bracelets?

Our slider bracelets can be uniquely personalised to your style, with bespoke options for gemstones, sparkling silver and gold, or lustrous pearls. Available in casual, comfortable rope or glamorous, beautiful metal, our slider bracelets add an elegant touch to any outfit, style, or bracelet stack.

How It Works

Whether you’re purchasing a unique gift for a loved one, a beautiful Mother’s Day present, or a personalised present for yourself, the Gaamaa ordering process is simple and secure.

All you need to do is choose the slider bracelet design you like, then navigate to the personalisation page. There, you can add those unique elements, whether birthstones, gemstones, engravings or personalised charms.

Once you make your order, our British artisans will get to work, hand-crafting your silver or gold slider bracelet and adding the custom details you’ve requested. Then, we’ll delicately hand-wrap your bracelet so it’s ready to put a smile on her face.


Our slider bracelets are carefully designed and then assembled by our specialist team in the UK by hand. They are made from gold, sterling silver, pearl, and gemstones.

The slider mechanism unites the two chains of the bracelet in one sliding clasp. The clasp can easily move up the chains to close the bracelet but doesn’t easily move down the chains, meaning the slider clasp secures the bracelet even when you’re moving and going about your day-to-day.

Absolutely. Our full collection of stunning slider bracelets includes options for personalisation through the unique choice of birthstones, gold and silver options, plus engravings and more.