Pearl Bracelets

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Pearl Bracelets

Nothing is more subtly beautiful than a classic pearl, the jewel of the sea. A timeless bracelet option for thousands of years, pearls were considered one of the world's most precious natural materials and have adorned the wrists of everyone from Marylin Monroe to Cleopatra.

At Gaamaa, we proudly offer a stunning selection of natural pearl bracelets, perfect as a gift to yourself or a loved one. Choose full pearl bracelets or a solitary elegant pearl on a beautiful chain band. Customise your real pearl bracelet with sparkling gemstones and stunning birthstones, or add a unique engraving. Browse the collection now.

Discover the Elegance of Pearl Bracelets

Nothing beats the elegance of a pearl. Uniquely white, they are instantly recognisable and signify luxury, beauty, elegance, and class.

As a gemstone, pearls are often seen as tears of the gods and make the perfect gift for an engagement, a milestone birthday, or for the elegant woman in your life. Uniquely beautiful and timelessly coveted, a pearl bracelet is the epitome of class and femininity.

At Gaamaa, all of our stunning pearls are natural, real pearls. Nestled on a chain of silver or gold or strung on a design with sparkling gemstones, each pearl design is curated based on the pearl's unique history and its timeless appeal.

Our collection includes mother or pearl finishings and modern twists on ancient classics. With chunky chains or dainty designs, you’ll find a huge range of pearl bracelets at Gaamaa.

Why Choose Pearl Bracelets?

Whether you’re looking for an elegant pearl and gold bracelet, a stunning silver pearl design, or even a beautifully beaded bracelet, a pearl is a great choice for any occasion.

Historically linked to the sea, love, weddings, and the gods, pearls are seen as symbols of wealth, luxury, and elegance. That ancient history inspired our UK-based artisans to create this collection, made from natural freshwater pearls or cultured stones.

Combined with sparkling gemstones to represent your birth month or on a dainty beaded chain for a contemporary twist on an ancient classic, a pearl bracelet makes a wonderful gift or an elegant choice for yourself.

Explore Our Pearl Bracelets Collection

Explore our full range of elegant, lustrous pearls. Choose from warm, classic gold, or delicate silver pearl bracelet designs and find the perfect choice for you.


At Gaamaa, we use real pearls, including freshwater and cultured pearls, in our designs.

Pearls are delicate and natural, meaning they need special care to keep them lustrous for longer. When you’re not wearing your pearls, keep them in their Gaamaa box, away from other items that may scratch the surface. After wearing them, wipe them down with a dry cloth to remove any oils, perfume, creams or chemicals. Try to keep your pearls dry, and take them off before swimming or showering.

Absolutely. Whether you’re buying a beautiful gold pearl bracelet or a friendship charm, at Gaamaa, every design is made to order, meaning we can customise each bracelet as you choose. On our checkout page, you can select the gemstones you’d like in your design and add engravings or personalised disc charms to selected styles.